Wolf Creek Inn: How Inn-teresting! Adult Lecture Series

What do you think the walls of Wolf Creek Inn would say if they could talk?  With over 130 years of history behind them, they’d probably say a lot!  Come learn some of these unique stories in this summer lecture series for adults.  There is no fee for the lectures; each one requires a separate registration.

Planting A Seed in History (June) W. G. Smith, a former owner of the Inn, was the Johnny Appleseed of the West.  Learn about how he traveled to the Rogue Valley and enticed people to plant orchards in the area.

Dormers, Cornices, and Piazzas Oh My! (July)  Henry Smith, founder of the Inn, chose a Classical Revival architectural style to build what he called "the grandest hotel of its kind."  This class will help you learn the language of the Classical Revival Style and we will take a closer look at many examples throughout the Inn.

The Chinese Experience (August) Chinese immigrants persevered through adversity to shape the industries of early Oregon.  This lecture will discuss the cultural impact, lifestyle, and legacy of Chinese immigrants in southern Oregon.

Wheels of Time (Sept) Wheels of all types have delivered passengers to the Inn.  Learn about the many different modes of transportation that crossed the Inn’s doorstep and how each one altered the course of the Inn.