Wolf Creek Inn Tour

They story of Wolf Creek Inn can be told through the many unique soles that have walked its floors- from cork boots to silver spurs and those of Hollywood's famous divas.  You are invited to walk your soles across these very same floors in this 45 minute guided tour.  You'll explore five of the most significant rooms in the Inn with a knowledgeable Ranger.  In each of the rooms, a part of the unique history of the Inn is revealed.  You’ll learn why Henry Smith decided to build the “finest built” hotel in 1883; how the Inn has served successive major routes of travel; and a little about the historic Classical Revival architecture of the building on the tour.  Along the way, you’ll meet some of our famous guests such as Jack London and Carole Lombard.  The entire tour is conducted indoors in an air-conditioned building.  The tour includes a flight of stairs; there are places to sit while on the tour. 

Place: Wolf Creek Inn, 100 Front St., Wolf Creek, OR

Time: 11am

Event: Guided Tour

Ages: All

Duration: 45 minutes

Fee:  Free