Annular Solar Eclipse 2023 (Dexter State Rec Site)

Description: Join Oregon State Parks to view the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse at 8am October 14th at Dexter State Recreation Site in Dexter, OR.  While this is not a total solar eclipse, an annular or “Ring of Fire” eclipse is just as spectacular! Witness this fascinating celestial event in your local state park!  Park Ranger Steve Hancock will lead a short talk about the eclipse and will have some free eclipse glasses for the public available.  Remember, never look at the sun without proper eye protection.  Gather at the tee pad for hole 1 of the disc golf course near the upper parking lots.

Date: 10/14/23

Time: Event is from 8am-12pm.  Eclipse starts at 8:04am, maximum is at 9:18am and ends at 10:38am.

Parking: This is a free event. Parking is available in any of the parking lots at Dexter State Recreation Site. 

More Information: This eclipse is an Annular Eclipse, as opposed to the upcoming 2024 Total Eclipse (which will not be visible from Oregon). An Annular Eclipse is commonly referred to as a ‘ring of fire’ and they are in their own right, spectacular.

While solar eclipses are not rare, being in the path of totality is. Since Earth is primarily a water planet, solar eclipse paths are statistically most likely to occur over the ocean, where most people do not live.

For more information, check out NASA’s website on the upcoming solar eclipse.

Contact: Ranger Steve Hancock – 541-912-2047