Volunteer Trailwork Party

Date: 4/18, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location: South Beach State Park in Newport, OR

Service Activities:

South Beach State Park park has an almost 1.5 mile trail that surrounds the park’s campground and is also popular with the local runners. Volunteers are needed to help cut back the vegetation and resurface areas along the trail that pose trip hazards. This includes, trimming, hauling brush off trail and wheelbarrow gravel and/or chips. Spreading of chips and gravel will be done with hand tools. Teams will be led by an OPRD Ranger on site for the entire event. This is a great activity for youth groups, sports teams and scouts. 

Service will be on a trail system with uneven surfaces. Volunteers must be able to use simple hand tools, and have the ability to travel up to 1/2 mile outdoors on a narrow trail.

Volunteers at this event get the enjoyment of being outdoors while being stewards of Oregon’s public lands. Since the activity is in the campground, there’s opportunity to reserve a campsite and turn this day of service into a great camping experience as well. Additionally, the park is close to some of Newport’s favorite attractions, including Newport's Rogue Brewery, Hatfield Science Center and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Age Restrictions: Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age to participate.

Total Number of Volunteers: 20

Registration for this event will Close on 4/4/20

Registration with Oregon State Parks is required for this event. Participation is limited to 20 total volunteers. Additional details will be sent when registration closes. Volunteer event registration closes on 04/04/20.

This is a VORTEX2020, volunteer service qualifying event. For specific questions about VORTEX2020, please see the event website here: